Licensing to build each place in a style: The city decides to "stop rebelling".

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Ho Chi Minh City determined to remove problems in the long-term construction permit issuance - Artwork: Phan Dieu

The reason is that the licensing is not consistent between districts. For example, in District 3, mixed land is licensed for official construction; But in District 9, there is only a time limit. The term licensing also occurs similarly in suburban districts such as Binh Tan district, Hoc Mon district ...

Facing this situation, HCMC People's Committee agreed with the proposal of the Planning Department - Architecture on classification criteria to grant construction permits to people living in the above planning area. This move aims to unify the construction permit throughout the city.

Accordingly, with new regulations, land located in the mixed land functional planning area is divided into many cases to base on the decision to grant construction permits.

Specifically, the region occupies more than 50% of mixed land with the main function is the type of apartment housing, combined with trade - office services (without greenery parks, public works); Currently, there are many houses and residential land which affect the legal rights of the people, and are granted official construction permits.

For the region accounting for 30% of the mixed land area, the main function is commercial - service - office, non-residential buildings; The area where there are no houses and residential land of the people but only polluting factories, industrial production facilities that need to be relocated and do not affect the rights of the legitimate interests of the people shall be granted paper. construction permit with a time limit. In this case, people must have papers to prove their land use rights according to the provisions of law.

For the planning area, it occupies over 20% of the mixed land area, popularly being the type of apartment house combined with trade - service - office; there are many houses and low-lying land; It is necessary to attract construction investment projects to embellish urban areas and areas that raise a lot of problems in the process of settling and dismantling in order to ensure the interests of the people, but have not yet issued construction permits. In this case, the Department of Planning and Architecture will coordinate with the district districts to review to adjust the planning to existing new residential land for licensing.

As for land located in the planned residential area and other similar types of residential land (garden houses, high-rise land, low-rise land), the granting of individual construction permits is actually carried out. according to the planning management regulations - the general architecture of the city. However, people are only built on a basic high floor, not including additional floors.

With the new regulations, the Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Construction proposed districts in the immediate future to coordinate with the Department of Planning - Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City to define specific functions of mixed use land and residential land. New construction and other similar types of residential land. The determination will follow the zoning plan in the area managed according to the above classification criteria to implement the construction permit, in order to ensure the legal rights of people with houses and land in the area. planning.

In the long term, Mr. Tuan suggested the planning management agencies to quickly review and set up regulations on management of urban planning and architecture and urban design under the direction of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City to base on That grants construction permits for people.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen also instructed localities to resolve uniformly construction permits for individual houses throughout the city.

According to the review results of the Department of Planning and Architecture, among 600 approved 1 / 2,000 planning projects, two types of land use planning are defined: mixed land and residential land. new construction. In particular, mixed planning land is mainly concentrated in 310 planning projects approved by HCMC from 2013 to present.

In Ho Chi Minh City today, mixed land covers about 1,574 ha, accounting for 1.9% of the planning area, of which 687 ha are residential land. The location of these plans is mainly concentrated along the main traffic routes such as the ring road, around the station of the metro lines, urban embellishment and reconstruction areas.

Meanwhile, new construction land has more than 12,000 hectares, accounting for nearly 15%, concentrated mainly in new districts and suburban districts such as districts 2, 7, 9, 12; Nha Be and Binh Chanh districts. These lands are mainly bare land, land reserved for development, agricultural land intermingled in residential areas ...

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