Principles of interior tube house design

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Typically, tube houses are small in size, so when designing the interior living room furniture you need to follow some of the design principles below that will help you have a beautiful and comfortable living room.

Clear layout, appropriate style

First, to decorate the living room space for the tube house you need to divide the layout as well as the furniture placement, furniture selection ... so that the most reasonable.

When the area of ​​the house and the house is narrow, the homeowners should choose the type of sofa table with small size L-shaped or I-shaped, pay close attention to the wall to save space, or when arranged to put the living room TV set shelf, take advantage of the stairs, this will be a reasonable and smart idea.

When there is a clear layout, the choice of interior design style needs to match the overall of the house so that it is harmonious, creating a beautiful beauty for the living room.

Principles of interior tube house design

Notice the light when designing

Lighting is an important factor in the design of the interior of the house, especially the space of the house living room, the light helps to make the space more double, bright and airy. You should design windows to get natural light, this is the best solution to make the living room flooded with light, for artificial lighting need to arrange electric lights properly, can combine the use of Living room decoration lamp patterns to your liking and design.

Principles of interior tube house design

Choose interior and bright color paint

When designing tube houses, choosing bright colors in small spaces is a rule everyone needs to know. Use paint colors, wallpaper, floor tiles, wood paneling in the living room with light colors such as cream, white, ben color, light wood or gentle pastel colors to help living room space more harmonious and spacious.

In addition, attention should be paid to choosing furniture that is in harmony with the room paint color, but should not use uniform colors because that will make the living room space monotonous.

Principles of interior tube house design

Compact, simple interior

In order to have a nice model of living room, the interior layout needs to be focused. If the living room size is small, do not use large sized furniture and cumbersome motifs will cause aesthetic loss as well as balance for the room. Should choose simple furniture, compact size and fit to create a cozy space.

Principles of interior tube house design

Combine pictures, trees or small miniatures

Your living room space will become more impressive, fresh and more spacious thanks to the arrangement of additional pictures, trees or small miniatures.

Small layout of small landscape in the living room will create a green and fresh space or can create simple accents by placing a few flower pots and trees. In addition, it is recommended to use wall paintings to help the living room more lively.

Principles of interior tube house design

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