Open letter

Dear Investors, Customers,

First of all, SCE Design Consulting Co., Ltd. would like to send our greetings and greetings to An Khang - Prosperity!

SCE was established with a team of experienced, dynamic, enthusiastic, and creative Masters, engineers, and architects in each project, in order to achieve the highest success and satisfaction in every project. Project of the Investor.

The success of SCE is the sharing of work opportunities of the Owner and partner, and the enthusiastic and professional work of the Board of Directors and the members of the company.

We are constantly improving our professional knowledge, improving working methods to bring success and satisfaction in future projects. Each member works with high spirit and responsibility, all for safety and savings in each project.

SCE Design Consulting Co., Ltd sincerely thanks the Owner, customers who have trusted and cooperated with us in the past. We look forward to continuing to cooperate in the next projects.

Best regards,