Industrial design

Industrial design

What is a construction investment project?

Work construction investment project is a set of proposals related to the allocation of capital to build, expand or renovate construction works for the purpose of developing, maintaining and raising the quality of works. submission or product or service within a specified period of time.

Common construction projects include project description and basic design drawings. This is the basis for the deployment of technical drawings and construction drawings later. Total investment of the project is the value of construction investment of the project.

Not all construction works must be projected. Works are usually divided into categories such as group A, group B, group C ... and these types of works are divided based on the investment value of the works and type of works.

Consisting of management and design departments:

(1) Project management

(2) Planning design

(3) Architectural design

(4) Structural design

(5) M & E system design

(6) Design of traffic system and infrastructure

SCE has designed several projects with typical structural solutions such as:

(first). High-rises: Bored pile foundation, centrifugal piles; Barret Tunnel; Wall frame, core, reinforced concrete column; Flat floor, flat floor with column cap & no column cap; Cable girders for post tensioning.

(2). Sport works: single foundation, pile foundation; Concrete column frame, steel space frame, steel truss assemblage.

(3). Office buildings, hotels, villas, townhouses: Compressed pile foundation, centrifugal pile, single nails, raft foundation, ice foundation; Column Frames & Reinforced Concrete Beams; Flooring with or without beams.

(4) Factory: Pile foundation, single foundation; Single 50m long, 100m with Jack beam; 3 floors; building height is nearly 30m.

(5) Wastewater treatment project: operator, tanks, and sub-items; Pile foundation, raft foundation; the longest tank size is nearly 40m; Depth of tank over 7m.

(6) Traffic project: Sala Flower Bridge, bearing frame is a combination of steel pipe arches, pedestrian walkway, walking ram ramp from 4 directions, petal frame.