House design

House design

Office design, townhouse, villa ... mainly focus on detailed design. Include the work:

Architectural design: The architect will advise customers when they have the utmost use, interior and exterior. Architecture works similar to shapes, clothes, shoes ... to create beauty and luxury for each person. This architecture can be completely replaced or repaired when the owner needs.

Structural design: Structural breakdown is considered the most important in every building, because the structural part of the building is almost impossible to adjust or repair after the works have been put into use. The structure of the structure is similar to the fog of the human. The texture is difficult to adjust.

Electrical system design and communication: The electricity system is also important in every project, it helps the project is bright enough, not too bright or too dark; System and equipment to provide electricity, modern and safe electricity. An electrical system can be considered as a human nervous system, when it is short-circuited. It is very dangerous for buildings and people. The electrical system also needs to have a good investment right from the start.

Water supply and drainage: The water supply and drainage system is equally important in each project, providing the entire structure with sufficient water for normal living, drainage systems to move quickly, Waste treatment system, preventing foul smell from septic tank or manhole. The plumbing system is designed and constructed professionally, which will help the project not occupy the space used, without any water leakage in the process of using. Plumbing can be seen as similar to the circulating blood vessels of each person.