Structural optimization

Structural optimization

What the role of the building structure is ?

Building structural can be considered as the most important design in every building. Structural sustainability over time will help the building to be exploited efficiently over time. In addition, the structure will help architects make creative and bold shapes, creating great works.

The structure of the structure only ensures the bearing strength over time, so it is not high enough. The most effective structure is the structure that achieves concurrent criteria of bearing strength, material savings, and aesthetics. Such a structure can be termed as an optimized structure or called a "structural optimization"

What the task of the building structure is ?

They are to review the entire scale and capabilities of the project to determine the maximum load and maximum impact that will act on the structure.

Based on the design criteria applied to analyze and recalculate the details to the overall structure, and also to review the old structural solution to provide a new structural solution to work more effective. In addition, the same need to consider the simple and fastest construction measures.

The structure optimization aim is to increase the reliability of the structure than the original structure, reduce the structural weight itself, and reduce the cost of structural work.

SCE has designed and optimized several successful projects:

(1) School construction: More than 03 (three) Singapore school buildings invested in Vietnam

(2) Office buildings, private hospitals, houses: 03 (three) works

(3) Works: More than 12 works